The Guild of Competitive Pickleball Players Competition Group (tm)

The Competitive Pickleball Players Guild, or simply "Player's Guild", grew out of a concept introduced by Bill Maloy on the MS Gulf Coast Pickleballers Facebook Group -- a group that he co-founded.

The original concept was

En Voila! Guild membership.

The original message thread is lost to history, because Bill has since been banned from the MS Gulf Coast Pickleballers Facebook Group. He's not bitter.

These days, the Player's Guild concept is taking on a life of its own, with ideas coming in from far-and-wide. Bill's list of requirements was fairly short:

Yes, we're serious. Yes, things are still in the early planning stages. But test scores have been posted, tournaments have been played, and travel shirts have been issued.

With so very MUCH more to come ...

I'm intrigued. Please keep me in the loop!