Mission Statement of the GCPPCG

(revised 3 Feb 2020)

The purpose of the GCPPCG is to provide services for and answer to Guild members. While acting as a voice for and on behalf of the individual members of the GCPPCG, promote the unity of competitive Pickleball Players and competition organizers within a given region by providing Open Communication between all member players, tournament directors, tournament operators, various municipalities, counties, communities and venues in which Pickleball Tournaments may be held. The GCPPCG endeavours to connect all facets associated with Competitive Pickleball play to enhance the quality of play for its members while encouraging the growth of competitive Pickleball throughout the Southeastern region of the USA -- and beyond.

NOTE: The GCPPCG is being formed to work in conjunction with, rather than in competition against, USA Pickleball, SSIPA, PPA, APP, or any other established Pickleball-related organization.